We give you a simple point and click Databases Manager, integrated within our Online Control Panel, from where you could create brand new MySQL and PgSQL databases directly. In addition, you are allowed to administer their adjustments via the quick access presented to the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin software instruments.

A Simple to operate Interface

The most effective database administration user interface

Database management may sound like a complicated job to newbie website hosting customers, nevertheless with the Databases Manager, it’s actually relatively easy! To create a completely new database, you simply need to provide your username and password. Database backup copies are simply a click away as well.Those who choose to look into their databases and then update them may use the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin tools.

Hepsia File Manager

Quick and easy Database Backup

Database backup copies are a click away

Through the Databases Manager you can make an archived duplicate of your database whenever you want! That way, you will always have a data backup of your operating content in the event your web site gets hacked or if you mistakenly delete a database. To generate a backup: click the ’clock’ symbol alongside a certain database and then just wait for a few seconds for the process to be finished.

There aren’t any limitations about the volume of databases you would be able to back up or the quantity of back–ups you can make for any database.

Hepsia File Manager

Support for PgSQL

Assured stability for one’s databases

PgSQL databases are less common than the common MySQL databases. Nonetheless, they’re a favorite alternative for developers who are looking for the greatest protection for their websites and web applications. Due to the intuitive Databases Manager built–into the Serve Direct Control Panel, you can control your PostgreSQL databases with simply a click of the mouse.

You can find PgSQL databases included by default within the advanced Linux cloud web hosting packages packages. Provided that you are with a basic hosting package, you’re able to ask for PgSQL databases to be added to your web hosting account as upgrades.

Hepsia File Manager